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Our creativity doesn't end with plants. Custom stonework is an opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest. Whether it's an intricate stoop layover or just a simple pathway, we have the creativity and the construction skills to create a unique and beautiful stoop, walkway or patio that stands the test of time. Whether it's natural stone, or pavers, masonry adds both curb appeal and value to your home.

Rooted in care and devotion, M & M Garden Designs hold your needs and desires as our highest priority.

Grown and nurtured on the simple idea that our customer's needs are of the highest importance, M & M Garden Designs strives to achieve excellence when it comes to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on approaching each and every job with a unique approach, never treating one job the same as the last.

At M & M Garden Designs, we understand that your time and patience are incredibly significant. This is why we put your priorities before our own by providing excellent customer service and ensuring your happiness and that your needs are not only met but exceed expectations

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M & M Garden Designs is a leading company in landscape
design, offering various services tailored to your specific style.

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An insight into our variety of services:

  • Hand Selected Stones

    M & M Garden Designs offers an assortment of hand-selected stones, each meticulously made with immense care and delicacy.

  • Custom Cutting

    Carefully crafted in all shapes and sizes, M & M Garden Designs provides a multitude of personalized cutting boards.

  • Stoop Inlay

    M & M Garden Designs produces aesthetically gratifying stoop inlays that are all delicately divided and pristinely polished.

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